Founded in 2003.

Liu Tien-ho, the founder of TANHOU Biotech, regained his health after battling colon cancer and established the first farm-to-table agricultural enterprise in Taiwan.

After scouring Taiwan, Liu Tien-ho ultimately settled on the untainted outer seas of Penghu as the ideal breeding ground. He staunchly avoided the use of antibiotics or any other medications throughout the aquaculture process, allowing the fish to thrive naturally. Every shipment of fish exceeds the zero-detection standards set by the European Union. These groundbreaking efforts are aimed at cultivating fish free from any pollutants.

Professional Fish Processing Procedure

With over 20 years of experience in seafood processing, we ensure compliance with legal standards for safety and hygiene. Our services include whole fish evisceration (scale removal, gutting, and gilling), meat cleaning, sashimi slicing, fish filleting, and various other product specifications.

Penghu Environmental Advantages

Water Quality

High permeability ; grown in the sea without pollution and without any earthy taste.


The salinity of seawater is 35‰ (parts per thousand). Most fish ponds have a salinity of 1~10‰ (parts per thousand). The saltier the water, the higher the osmotic pressure, resulting in slower fish growth but better meat quality.

Seasonal Temperature Difference

Temperature is a critical factor for fat accumulation. Fish experiencing the low temperatures and rough waves of winter in Penghu tend to grow larger, with firmer and higher fat content meat.